Trust the Process

First things first. Inhale & hold for 5 seconds. Exhale & hold for 5 seconds. Repeat 2 more times.

            Okay, now that we’re breathing at a normal pace and have slowed down a bit, let’s talk about dream chasing and goal getting.

            In case you aren’t following me on Instagram or haven’t heard, I recently just accomplished one of my childhood dreams; to move to Los Angeles! It feels like I have been working towards this dream forever! Seriously, growing up, LA was always such a magical place full of never-ending activities, experiences, and opportunities that even at the age of 9 years old, I just knew I had to be apart of!


            Knowing that this was always a goal for me, with most major decisions in my life, I measured them on the basis of if making that choice would get me closer to Los Angeles. If the answer was yes, then I would do it, but if the answer was no, I would pass because I knew that just meant that the right opportunity would find me in due time.

            Don’t get me wrong, the path from Point A to Point B was anything but straight. It was full of traffic jams, detours, obstacles, and even a couple of u-turns! But, hey, I made it! And that’s what I’m trying to share with you right now!

            I feel like us 20-somethings feel this constant pressure to reach our goals, be successful and make damn near 6 figure salaries by the time we’re 25! Whether this pressure is coming from recruiters, companies, our family, or from the media, it’s hard to ignore all of the whispers and eyes watching us to see if we’ve finally gotten our shit together.

I even took a poll on in Instagram, asking you all what age you thought you were going to have your life together by and your responses left a median answer of 25, while the majority of respondents were between the ages of 22-26.

            Everywhere we look, we see another 15 year old having a successful singing career, or a 19 year old making millions of dollars for uploading a 12 minute video on YouTube of them putting on make-up or whispering into a microphone. The more we keep seeing these rare successes, the more disheartened I see my fellow Borderline Millennials get.

            Yes, some people happen to become successful in their teens or early 20s, BUT this is a RARE circumstance. What we’re seeing is like 1% of the actual population of Borderline Millennials! The other 99% of us are the ones still in school, still working entry-level or part-time jobs, trying to figure out what our next move is, not fulling understanding what a 401k is or why we even need one (which we DO), and are struggling to pay off student loans.

            The majority of our paths are long, crooked, and partially shaded and unclear. And that’s OK! I recognize that I may have achieved ONE of my goals by moving to LA, but that doesn’t mean it was easy, nor does it mean that I have maxed out my potential and ability to achieve more and more goals as I live out the rest of my life. I am very appreciative of where I am at this stage in my life, BUT I know that there is still so far for me to go.

Now, I want to leave you all with 3 little nuggets of wisdom I’ve learned so far on this path to achieving my goals and dreams.

1.     Take a Detour.

As headstrong and determined as you might be to achieve your one, true dream, remember that you only get this one life and you’re only this young once. So, while you don’t have a million responsibilities or physical aches and pains, do something off-beat! Take a random side job or live in a random city or country for a year! Your dreams will be waiting for you when you get back, but time will never stop running!

Go to Paris!

Or literally any other foreign country!

2.     Don’t Limit Yourself.

Just because your ultimate dream may be to become a 6 figure CEO or a New York Times Best Selling author, it doesn’t mean you can’t also hold the world record for most jump rope jumps in a minute or have your own ASMR YouTube channel. Acquire random new skills, broaden your talents, and diversify your portfolio while you’re on the journey to your goals. It’ll make your life more fulfilling, I guarantee it.

One of my fave ASMR videos of all time. THIS COULD BE YOU

3.     Always Remember: It is NOT a Race!

I don’t care what anyone told you when you were growing up or even what someone may have told you yesterday, but you DO NOT have to be successful by 25! You don’t even have to have your shit together by 30 or 40! Trust the process, and keep progressing every day (even little progress is still progress). I promise, you WILL achieve your dreams!