Sahara Sweats

Despite what the title suggests, this blog section won’t just be pictures of me sweating. Sahara Sweats is the branch of Sahara’s Space designated to health and fitness. After losing 50 lbs (so far) and finding out that a lot of people struggle with their own weight and health, I wanted to share my journey. I’ll be sharing my biggest secrets to my weightloss, easy recipes and workout routines which have all contributed to my own weightloss.


Welcome to Sahara Sweats

Have you ever wanted to lose weight but the pounds just never seemed to come off? I know I have! Many, many, many times. But this time was different! I started my own weight loss journey and ended up losing 50 pounds after this first year. What was different this time around that allowed me to finally lose weight? Click the button below to find out my greatest weight loss SECRET!

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Fitness Friday

Happy Fitness Friday! This blog is designed to help you find the best workouts that will help you lose weight, build muscle, and have fun while you sweat! Every other Friday I will be creating workout routines for you that can be done anywhere! Then, on the opposite Fridays, I will be sharing the BEST workout videos that YouTube has to offer! YouTube workouts are amazing ways to try out new exercises, without the hassle of fighting for a spot in the gym or having to spend tons of money on fad-fitness classes! Sound interesting to you? Click the button below to start getting your sweat on!