"Comforting, unique, and relatable"

Sahara’s a very special person who’s work is comforting, unique and relatable. She is skilled at capturing special moments shared between people and capturing the perfect lighting in images of nature or day to day items. Her work is inspiring in that it leaves the impressions of home or a comfortable space. A creative mind like Sahara’s has no limits and her work shows just that! For me, I find inspiration in the realness and relatability of her writing and photography. Some of her photos such as the scene of tamale making or the canyons are therapeutic. Reading her work provides solace and a sense of warmth, without even having her present. Upon entering “Sahara’s Space” readers will find themselves with the feeling of reuniting with an old friend, learning and growing together. 

-Ashley Elias

"Light and faces"



Sahara has an interesting way of seeing things, and it shows in the way she captures things like light and faces.

-Nia Brown