Bountiful - The Dirt of the Earth

Bountiful - The Dirt of the Earth

Written by: Abel Valencia

The dirt of the Earth looked up to the sky and saw nothing. It was this sense of nothing that can cause extreme doubt. The sense of nothing that will crack away any hope that one can have within themselves. Instead of seeing an endless space of opportunity, it only saw the immense reminder of what it had not yet been able to conquer.

The dirt of the Earth felt its insignificance grow because there was no way to escape the sky. It didn’t matter whether the sun was up or down. Whether it was daylight or dark out. The sky was always there. It would always be there.

The dirt of the Earth just let this be the way things were for a while. It became normal to have this oppressive concept loom over you because it was easy to keep it this way. It felt like nature had wanted this corrupt balance between them to stay in place, and how could one fight nature?

The dirt of the Earth had seemingly forgotten its own potential, but that potential was unable to be kept underground forever and it escaped. Because what was capable of coming up from the ground was something that needed to become a reality.

The dirt of the Earth slowly branched out to touch the sky. With this, it created a landscape filled with different shapes, textures, and sizes. It went from simply being the dirt of the Earth, to an ecosystem. To having societies within societies inside of itself, and supporting life on different levels and different scales.

The dirt of the Earth now extends up to the sky. The dirt that still remains bound to Earth now looks up to see itself up there. The peaks of every plant or tree or bush that now belong up with the blend of colors that can only exist there.   

The dirt of the Earth has nourished something essential within itself. It was able to cultivate the roots that lead to the trees that feed you, housed you, and produced the air you breathe. But beyond this, it was able to face the endless sky and make its way into it. To exit the safety of the ground, and into the thrilling, unknown that is the sky. To accomplish this, was the start it needed for everything else.