An original poem written by:

Christopher Ornelas


Tu abrazo me duele,

aunque sea de amor.

Enséñame cómo ser un cactus.

Dulce como su fruta,

curativo como sábila.

Penétrame con tus agujas.

Déjame sentir su aflicción, cuando falta la


su tristeza,

su ira,

Su Amor.

Cuando viene la lluvia,

florecerán las flores.

Vendrá el sol para abrazarte

abejas para polinizarte.

Amor para amarme.



You hug hurts,

even if it’s from love.

Show me how to be a cactus.

Sweet as your fruit,

healing as aloe.

Penetrate me with your needles.

Let me feel your affliction,

when the rain is missing,

your sadness,

your wrath

Your Love.

When the rain comes,

flowers bloom.

The sun will come to hold you

bees to pollinate you

Love to Love me.



About the author

Based out of Southern California, Christopher Ornelas is a global author. He graduated with his Bachelors from UC Riverside in 2018 and is about to begin his Master’s Degree at the St. Louis University campus in Madrid, Spain. His bilingual abilities and artistic flow enable him to speak to a multitude of people in a way that truly touches their hearts and feeds their soul.